A recent survey conducted Reuters/Ipsos indicates Facebook users are not easily swayed by the site to purchase commodities. This comes as an alarming issue, as the social networking site is already facing strong criticism from its IPO as well as its ad revenue.

The survey states four out of five users were not influenced at all by the advertisements or comments on Facebook. This could be a crucial blow to a growing number of reactions that the site is not a good medium for brands to raise awareness on their products or services.

The survey also revealed 34% of the users were also browsing on the site less. In addition, 44% of survey respondents said the debut of Facebook on the stock market did not help the site’s image. They looked at the social networking site on a less favorable light.

The same survey did note only 20% of the respondents claimed they are spending more time in Facebook than they did before. The site recently opened on Nasdaq and has faced strong scrutiny from businessowners and stock analysts, after all the hype surrounding its IPO opening.