Larry Ellison, the CEO of tech giant Oracle, recently made a bold proclamation that could very well shake up the industry. During a webcast event earlier this week, he stated the company is now ready to provide the world “the most comprehensive cloud on the planet Earth.”

This comes as quite the contradiction as Ellison himself once ridiculed cloud computing. It can be recalled the brash executive said it was all “gibberish” that was being applied to technologies improperly. Those comments, however, seem to be a thing of the past as the new claims by Ellison have spread like wildfire.

He said the Oracle Public Cloud will feature per-user, per-month pricing. The application covers Fusion Applications. It is also the home of the Oracle Social Network. Still, it is not yet clear if all the components are available now.

“We made a decision to rebuild all of our applications for the cloud almost seven years ago,” Ellison said of Fusion Applications. “It took seven years of work, thousands of people, billions of dollars, to make the transition from being an on-premise application provider to being a cloud application provider, as well as an on-premise provider.”