You’re thinking to remodel your home, but you’re unsure whether it’s worth the cost. Make your home more comfortable or boost its resale value with minimal renovations. Setting up a complete renovation of your kitchen or installing a pool can eat up your finances until there’s almost nothing left. Here are some smart tips to balance out the renovation costs and make it a commendable investment:

1. Hold your horses before going on a full remodeling rampage.

You want to make your home a showplace to increase its resale value and make it sell quicker. Before getting estimates, weigh the costs of redoing your whole home. When you over-renovate, you run the risk of making your home stay on the market for years, especially in these lean times.

2. Stick to minimal renovation plans.

Examine your home with a critical eye and mull over places which could use some repairs. Doing some refinishing and painting might do the trick in making your home look and function better. Shelve renovation plans for next month or three. This way, your budget would not overextend itself and hurt you financially.

3. Think about remodeling projects that provide big returns on investment.

Take into account some energy-saving and security-friendly expenses like door and window replacement. You can also add a garage or redo the attic and basement to solve your problems with storage. This will earn you more space where you can prop your feet up and relax.