Apple recently revealed their series of revamped Macintosh laptops. Along with a newly improved MacBook Air, MacBook Pros are now thinner and more efficient. With the latest and more revolutionized Macbooks, Apple is back in the game ready to compete with other manufacturers of slim laptops.

Apple will be offering Macbooks with better graphics, processors, flash storage, and memory including USB 3 connectivity. The company wants to provide users with a family of laptops that offers better and more advanced performance. Apple guarantees customer satisfaction with the newer versions of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Although the MacBook Air now faces stiff competition as laptops continue to become slimmer and more portable, Apple proudly emphasizes the exceptional performance of the most recent MacBook.

Apple’s Vice President, Phillip Schiller explains how copying their offerings are not as easy. Despite competitors attempting to mimic the products, it will be hard to imitate the laptops in a short time. The new units have upgraded memories and speed for a fraction lower than their earlier counterparts. Some of the features of the new MacBook Pro include retina display and high-resolution screen. Today, the company claims that their line of MacBook is their best offering yet.