Social media is changing the way consumers and customers interact with their favorite brands, retail outlets, and dining establishments. Whether you are a corner diner in a small community or a retail giant in a particular locale, Twitter can help you stay engaged to encourage customer retention and brand loyalty. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your tweets.


The thing you have to realize is most of your customers are likely on either Twitter or Facebook. Don’t let the chance to participate in the discussion go by. A simple search for handle mentions or your company name will let you know who is talking about you and to what extent. Engage in discussions, whether it is through a simple thank you for the praises you get or addressing any customer frustrations vented out in 140 characters or less.


Use Twitter for more than just regular interaction – nothing gets you exposed more than by offering followers the chance to win something just by mentioning you. Give away gift certificates or little treats and watch the number of mentions increase. It’s a great way of creating intrigue and is a free way of promoting your products and services as well.


Tweet and post regularly, but don’t go overboard. Experts suggest it’s best to tweet at least five times per day and to direct customers to your website. This is the best way of securing the most customer engagement to propel your small business forward.