Some people are happy with their jobs that require them to interact with different people, but there are also some who find this job nature difficult. If you are an introvert who has the same case, you should realize that you don’t have to get yourself stuck in the wrong job. The following are some careers that perfectly fit people who experience inconvenience with customer-facing roles:

Technical Writer

This career suits people who want to spend their days collecting, analyzing, and organizing technical information about a certain product or service. Some of the duties of a technical writer include writing instructions of operating manuals and devising ways to explain products or processes in a way that customers can understand.


If you want to work on numbers and figures instead of listening and talking to customers all day, try pursuing a career in accounting. Accountants spend their days looking over financial records of a company or of an individual with such concentration they find talking to people in long hours unnecessary.

Graphic Designer

If you are an artist who could express emotions through visuals instead of talking, you might enjoy carrying out the duties of a graphic designer. Graphic designers are commonly employed in advertising agencies. They can also work as freelancers. Being a freelancer allows people to work with minimal distractions.

Software Developer

Being a software developer will give you a chance to work without office distractions because it allows you to work in any place you deem comfortable. This career is also ideal for people inclined to technology.