Despite the business enigmas, Dell Inc. Chief Executive Officer Michael Dell affirmed he stays positive about the promising markets like China. He also said that the company counts on Africa which contributes $I billion to the annual income.

China and other budding markets became prospective business spots for computer giants Dell and Hewlett-Packard who are putting great efforts in standing out amidst the growing presence of tablets and smartphones. Many expect that Asia’s top economy will outpace that of the international trade. Technology firms like Advanced Micro Devices, a microprocessor maker, and Applied Materials advised that development in the flexible market in China was becoming lower.

As the market in tablet stays small, the demand for such devices is developing more rapidly than for personal computers. IHS iSuppli said the consignments of tablets like Apple’s iPad, are foreseen to reach 90 percent in this year.

Despite this rapid development, Dell wants to maintain the strategy of doling out corporate PC customers. This includes the development of hardware and software to meet the needs of the buyers. He sees PCs as a significant part of the business. He added the company focuses in providing enterprise solutions.