UK Judge Colin Birss has ordered Apple to stop arguing that Samsung has been imitating their designs. The Judge ordered Apple to publicly acknowledge on UK websites, newspapers, and other forms of media, to stop complicating things in other legal jurisdictions that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab did not imitate the Ipad design.

Even with the order stated out, this was actually a fatal blow to Apple. The judge possibly wanted to give Samsung the chance to clear its reputation in this particular case.

The sudden turn of events stated last month has deemed favorable for Samsung, which has been on the losing streak of patent litigations with Apple over this matter.

Apple’s debates were largely related to the identical appearance and feel of the two gadgets. Samsung pointed out that Apple was adding aspects that were not part of its patent, such as the dimensions and sizes of the device.

Suspecting that Apple does not abide by Birss’ orders, the consequences for other legal cases impeding internationally are still uncertain. It is possible that Apple’s perspective, that any statement that Samsung did not copy its design is not good, said Atty. Peter Toren.