Yes, you can think that everything can be possible and realized in the United States because it is one of the most powerful countries in the world. No wonder, it is even dreamed by many to live in the country mainly because of the opportunities that await there. But reality really bites, as the country offers no free college education. You can ask why and you can be dismayed of the reasons why the United States does not offer college education.

You can attribute the absence of free

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college education nowadays to the country’s economic condition. This is because among all of the countries in the world, the United States has undergone the worst economic phenomenon. But you may also think that why the government was not able to offer free college education in the past years when the country’s economy was at the top and the country was able to maintain an economic situation where everything could be free. The main reason behind this failure is that the educational system in the country is run in a top-down bureaucracy. In this system, the rules and other operating policies that are directly concerned in the collegiate educational system in the country are set and established by people who occupy the highest strata in the system. Therefore, the ones who are in the lower place of the system have no authority to change the system that would eventually cause for the college education to be free to all.

When we speak of the important things that Americans should have, the one that would rank first is the college education because it is the gateway to good job opportunities. This is the reason why everyone would ask for their tertiary education to be free so that all Americans can be called college graduates.