A Toronto man in his early 50s was visiting his girlfriend recently, and feeding treats to her three-year-old pet bulldog. Presumably he was familiar enough with the dog to be comfortable feeding it, or his girlfriend assured him that it was a well-trained dog, or perhaps he was familiar with the breed’s reputation for being social.

Whatever the man’s reasoning, he certainly regretted it when the normally friendly animal suddenly attacked him while he was feeding it. The dog bit his face, and then went straight for his groin, biting off one of his testicles before the dog’s owner managed to beat it off with a mop. The Toronto Sun states in “Bulldog attack detaches testicle” that the man was quickly taken to the hospital, while the dog was taken by animal control and will be held while they investigate the attack.

No matter how much dog owners will insist that their dogs are harmless, the number of unprovoked and unexpected attacks shows that some breeds cannot be trusted. This isn’t even the first such story for Toronto; an April 2010 story by the Toronto Sun reported on a pit bull that suddenly attacked a child, who needed stitches and plastic surgery to recover. Although the dog was supposed to be euthanized, the Toronto Humane Society kept it and tried to argue the dog was safe – though volunteers told stories of its viciousness. It was only put down seven years after the initial attack, when it attacked a police officer.

Sadly, these are far from the first stories about a vicious and unprovoked dog attack. Some cities have taken note of these trends, and gone so far as to ban violent dog breeds. Perhaps it is time for Toronto to do the same, so that citizens will be safe from these attacks.