You have all been there. Twiddling your thumbs as you sit tensely along with many others holding folders or envelopes. Seconds seem like hours as you wait for that door on the other side to open. It is one of those breath-taking moments in your life. There is nothing to do but keep your calm until you hear your name called.

The waiting area is always a place filled with emotions. It is possible to witness different personalities by just looking at a room full of applicants. One thing‘s for sure: they are all vying for a position in your company. Now that you are on the other side, it is easier to understand what these applicants are going through at the moment.

To help calm their nerves and, more importantly, present your company the best way possible, why not design a waiting area that’s unlike anything anyone has seen before? Office Furniture Direct offers some insights to help you ease the tension and make a lasting impression with the applicants.

Map the Traffic

It is hard to know whether applicants will rush in at the same day, especially if you accept walk-ins. Place the right furniture in a way that you can manage the line when it forms. Point a proper entrance and exit to minimize the number of people sitting in the same room.

Define Areas

It should be clear where the reception desk and the actual waiting area are. This gives the applicants an idea on which space they can occupy. Usually, applicants have to answer forms while waiting. Office Furniture Direct has different series of waiting area sets allowing for a mix of center tables and sofas. The Infiniti series offers a wider range of seating capacity. Choose the kind that offer more seating to minimize the number of standing applicants when the room starts crowding.

Check the Air Flow

With people filling in, it is sure to raise the temperature in the room. Keep proper ventilation by properly positioning air-conditioning units. Better yet, get a centralized system.

Apart from the construction of the waiting room, the furniture should ease the tension of the people in it. Get pieces with the finest quality not only for the comfort of the applicants, but to present your company effectively.