Chemical pollutants and sediments from construction sites can be unsafe for the environment. If your construction site covers an area of one acre of land or more, you must apply for a permit under the National Pollutant Discharge Eliminations System (BPDES) as the law requires. Failing to secure a construction permit can result in civil or criminal charges.

A certified compliance inspector of stormwater for stormwater management is compulsory for all construction sites that need general permit coverage. Below are several reasons why you need to have an online stormwater training related to your construction business according to expert training and certification provider Stormwater USA.

Regulations and Permits

Online courses help generate awareness about the latest EPA and state regulations regarding stormwater management. Laws may vary depending on the state you are in. Construction permits issued by state or federal governments expire every five years after approval. You should also be aware if any changes exist and take refresher courses if necessary.


Once done with the online course, participants qualify for and can get a CIS or PSWPPP certificate. Getting a Compliance Inspector of Stormwater Certificate or a Preparer of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Certificate grants the privilege of inspecting a construction site for effective storm water management system.

Avoiding Environmental Hazards and Other Problems

Sediments and other chemical pollutants in stormwater are dangerous for the natural environment and can cause serious damages if they reach a community water source. Getting an online course will teach proper management tips such as proper material and garbage disposal, proper storage for chemical elements, and proper inspection practices. Observe maintenance and sanitation in the workplace to avoid any discharge off site into a water system. The government may sue you with criminal charges or fines or shut down your construction site until it comes to regulatory compliance with water storm management.