Night weddings may sound ridiculous for many couples, but holding the ceremony in the evening may not be a bad idea after all. The revelry heightens after dark, with fervent cheers as couples tie the knot.  Night weddings are becoming increasingly popular these days. Wedding venues like Bellport Country Club even niche their services to make this type of wedding possible.

Weddings are formal events in a strict sense, but celebrating it on a beach or backyard can make it look like another party. An evening affair can force the guests to come in more appropriate attire. It will also encourage couples to be more creative with their wedding attires.

Brides can wear anything from a cocktail dress to a ball gown. Dresses embellished with stones can sparkle and make her look radiant as she walks down the aisle. Grooms, on the other hand, can appear striking on the traditional suit, may it be black or white. The couple can also be more creative with the colours in their attire, decorations, and venue.

Elegance comes easy at night. With a limited source of light, couples can look for different ways to brighten up the venue. Lanterns, for one, can add to the solemnity of the ceremony. Candles are also timeless in their own right. The ideal choice of fixtures can set the mood and ambiance for the entire evening.

Most couples are up for night weddings to save costs. Compared to traditional day weddings, they do not need to organize separate events for the ceremony, reception, and after party. All it may take is an early reservation to secure the venue and food for the celebration. Guests will find it easier to attend the festivities because night weddings usually take place after work hours.

Love gives light to darkness, may it be of a place or an emotion. Weddings always deserve a toast for celebration, but they are more special under the stars or with a fire burning in the hearth.