Cara Kielty and Wyatt ErberAt only two years old, Cara Kielty is fighting leukemia, an illness which has devastated much older people. She will need at least two years of treatment, but at least she has a good chance of recovering – if her parents can keep up with the crippling debt that often accompanies serious medical treatment. But their efforts have gotten a boost recently, thanks to a donation from their caring neighbor Wyatt Erber.

At only 8 years old, Erber managed to contribute $1000 to Kielty’s treatment – and all it took was a summer of concerted effort. The Huffington Port reports in “Wyatt Erber, Illinois Boy, Wins $1,000 In Scavenger Hunt, Donates All To Sick Neighbor Girl” that over the entire summer, Erber never forgot why he was working so hard to win the scavenger hunt sponsored by the local bank. And once he did finally win – and convince his mother that it wasn’t just a joke – he had no thought to keep any of it for himself. His selfless concern for his young neighbor astounded the community, so much so that a local group contributed another $1000 to Kielty.

Wyatt Erber with his $1000 priceKielty has a long way to go still, but there is no doubt that she will have the support of her neighbors and family on the way. It’s rare to see such a selfless child willing to donate so much time and effort to help another child. His generosity and willingness to help, as well as the community’s donations, will surely be remembered by the family.