World Spine CareVeritas Health, parent company of, introduced last year the “Like to Help” campaign that supports the vision of World Spine Care. World Spine Care pledged to bring necessary professional spine treatment to patients in communities in need all over the world. Until January 1, 2013, Spine-health contributed $1 to World Spine Care every time Spine-health got a new Facebook fan. publishes unique and award-winning articles written and reviewed by physicians for patients. The site was among the top 50 health websites worldwide. Spine-health and World Spine Care are affiliated in their objective to help patients get pain relief and survive with weakening back pains.

spineAn enormous need

Musculoskeletal conditions are the primary cause of long term disorder in the world. Patients that experience an enormous pain usually take only a Naproxen to help relieve their pain. Because of the enormous pain, a lot of victims become completely disabled.

World Spine Care’s response

Dr. Scott Haldeman, an international leader in the evaluation and treatment of spinal conditions, decided to help in 2008. He already supports global access to quality patient learning by working on the board of

Dr. Haldeman acquired the primary support of institutions and companies, and in 2012, World Spine Care was officially started with the mission to give effective spinal treatments to nations in need around the world.

The non-profit association consists of Professional doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and others to fill the intense gap in the evolving world between the need and accessibility of treatment.