In the middle of the gun debate, a state senator from Maine recommended a policy that would permit teachers and other members of the workforce to carry concealed weapons on their job. Senator David Burns proposed the bill following the Sandy Hook Elementary School carnage where 20 children and 6 adults perished.

The senator’s bill would permit the teachers and other employees to bring a concealed weapon while in their workplace. This is under the agreement that they will first undergo a psychological test, take a firearms training, and get certification to bring such weapons.

David Burns“My bill would have the option of either putting together a training curriculum through the [Maine] Criminal Justice Academy or it would be put together by private vendors trained in firearms,” said Burns. When questioned where the authorized gun owners would actually keep the weapons during school hours, Burns said that trained members of the staff will be keeping the guns.

The senator says that the idea of bringing a hidden weapon is not a new phenomenon. He said it is something that police officers have been doing for many years. The key is appropriate screening, oversight, and training. Parents of the students will receive notification that an employee at their child’s school has a concealed gun. The identity of the carrier, however, will be confidential.