While there are many places in the Bahamas that are popular holiday destinations, few have the allure of Eleuthera. The island is an incredible place where visitors can enjoy gorgeous natural scenery. That scenery is enhanced by the fact that the island lies along the line that separates the Caribbean from the Atlantic Ocean, providing a stark contrast where the two waters meet. The island’s peace and tropical location attracts many visitors each year, and it has escaped much of the development that has happened in other areas of the Bahamas. It explains why Eleuthera is featured in Islands Magazine’s “Best Islands to Live On.”

eleutheraWith less development and less emphasis on attracting tourists, Eleuthera has remained a quaint, small island with a close-knit community. It is very easy to build meaningful connections on the island, even if you are only visiting for a short time, due to the fact that the islanders are very welcoming. This differs from many island locations where the local populace is stormed by tourists every year and the quality of personal interactions is lost in the fast pace.

Eleuthera-islandIn addition to a friendly environment, visitors will also get to view the island’s stunning beauty. The meeting of the two different bodies of water offers contrasting views and depths to each side of the island, making it an experience to behold. At some points the island is thin enough that turning in one direction yields the deep, dark blue Atlantic waters while the opposite direction reveals the crystal clear blue of the Caribbean. The island is also covered with tropical wilderness and makes for great adventures. There are even tropical fish swimming in the waters that are as friendly as the locals. Eleuthera is more than just another island; it is a wonderful location to enjoy the perfect vacation.