The magic of getting married doesn’t end after the wedding. The initial excitement goes on until the much-awaited honeymoon. It would be best for the couple to choose a wedding venue where they can also spend the night together. This means convenience, and more quality time to spend with each other.

Gansett Green Manor, a perfect place for people yearning to get away from the noise of the city, offers commendable accommodations where newlyweds can enjoy activities such as fishing, swimming at the beach, and exploring the Montauk Lighthouse. Businesses like this assist couples from the wedding proper, to the catering services and hotel accommodations.

Choosing a Venue

There are some things to think about before choosing a wedding venue that also offers hotel accommodations. First, you and your significant other should determine if you want to arrange for the tents, serve food, and set the tables. While some don’t include this in their services, others even provide their clients with a list of their affiliated vendors.

Next important thing to check is the catering services. Look at the menu to see the list of food they can serve your guests for appetizers, lunch or dinner, and dessert. Satisfy your well-wishers’ taste buds to make the wedding more memorable for them as well.

Day after the Wedding

The newlyweds are definitely the ones who get exhausted the most after the wedding. They need enough rest to plan for the next activities and places to visit. This is exactly why choosing a wedding venue that also offers hotel accommodations is highly beneficial. Choose a place where you can enjoy strolling at the beach together and reflect on how things transpired at the wedding.

Getting married is definitely fun, especially with enough preparation. Couples can enjoy convenience and more quality time to enjoy together by choosing a wedding venue offering hotel accommodations as well. Anyone interested in the services mentioned above may contact Gansett Green Manor at (631) 267-3133.