It is no secret that most homeowners spend considerable amounts of money constructing and furnishing their homes.  A beautiful home is every owner’s pride and joy.  It’s a piece of property that increases in value over time.  But before anything else, imagine the horror of finding your beautiful home ravaged by flood.  Carter’s My Plumber, America’s leading plumbing contractor, offers easy yet helpful advices to protect your beloved property.

Assess the Situation

The best way to figure out the probability of flooding within the property is to take a short walk after a heavy downpour and spot areas where rainwater pools the most.  The farther away the pooling is from your property, the less likely it is for flood to reach your house.  If rainwater collects in an area dangerously close, that is a clear indication of future flooding.  Take note of the flooded areas and talk to a plumbing contractor to discuss possible ways to address the possibility of floodwater getting inside the house.

It is also worth noting that properties with landscaping and other architectural designs are more prone to flooding, especially if rainwater flows towards instead of away from the property.  Raise this concern with a plumber so they can help recommend options to lessen the chances of floodwater flowing into the property.

Keep Gutters and Drainage Clean

Keep the gutters and drainage around the property clean. Many homeowners like to spend on keeping their property pristine, but forget to pay attention to keeping the drainage systems running smoothly.  The best time to do this is during summer and just before autumn ends.  Summer, as water can build up in these areas after winter; and autumn, as falling leaves will collect and clog the drainages and gutters.

Talk to the Expert

Eliminate the guesswork and talk to the expert immediately.  Nothing will put your mind at ease more than tips and recommendations from housing and plumbing authorities themselves.  They have the expertise and experience to effectively assess the status of the property, and offer recommendations to flood-proof it.

Do not delay flood-proofing your property until it is too late.  Repair works cost more than taking necessary steps to prevent floodwater from ever coming near your property.  Carter’s my Plumber, your friendly neighborhood plumber, is standing by to answer your call at (317)859-9999 today.