PC sales declined by 14 percent in this year’s first three months. Experts deemed that this is the largest downturn in the industry in 20 years, as tablets continue to climb the top of the computer industry and buyers seem to avoid the Microsoft’s newest operating system.

PCThe big decline over a year ago, the sharpest since International Data Corp began disclosing sales figures in 1994, signifies a new period in the predicted decline of the PC age, as computing shifted to smartphones and tablets. General worldwide sales went down 14 percent to 76.3 million units in the Q1, said IDC Wednesday. This surpassed the organization’s prediction of a 7.7 percent decline. It was the fourth consecutive period of year-on-year plunge.

The fall marked the lowest level since the middle of 2009. This is according to Gartner Inc., which disclosed its own prediction showing an 11 percent decline on the same day.

These firms blamed the sales drop for netbooks that became nearly obsolete because of tablets, and the consumers’ shift to smartphones. Microsoft’s Windows 8 has also affected prospective PC buyers, as they believe that they have to get touch-screen devices to enjoy the software, though the system also works well in PCs and laptops.

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