kim il-sungNorth Korea is celebrating the 101st birthday of their founding father Kim Il-sung as issues continue over the country’s nuclear plan.

Leader Kim Jong-un visited the mausoleum of his grandfather and his father Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang.

In the past weeks, North Korea threatened to attack South Korea, Japan, and US bases.

The streets of Pyongyang are decorated with flags and banners for the holiday, a red-letter day for one of the world’s most powerful cults of personality, says the BBC’s John Sudworth, in Seoul.

There was a rumor that North Korea will use Kim Il-sung’s birthday for a missile launch.

At this time last year, North Korea launched a rocket with the stated aim of putting a satellite into orbit to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kim Il-sung’s birth. The rocket exploded shortly after its launch.

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