video editingCreating videos is a great pastime that allows just about anyone to capture life’s moments as they happen. But do you know that, with the right equipment and concept, you can earn money selling generic footages?

Stock footages, in general, are film or video clips that are not created specifically for a movie, commercial, or television program. These are very much in demand these days, especially to video producers and directors, because they provide an easier and much cheaper way to acquire footages without the need to go to a physical location and shoot a new one.

Imagine doing a 30-second TV ad that features 10 of the best natural wonders of Asia and 10 more in Europe. That surely requires a lot of travel, not to mention a huge budget and effort. If directors could pre-order these footages online, at a fraction of a price with similar high definition quality, why wouldn’t they?

Selling Stock Videos

The easiest way to sell your footages is to contact a company that buys such videos at a fair price. Motion Elements, one of the world’s largest online marketplace for buying and selling Asia-inspired stock animation, stock video footage, 3D models, and After Effects templates, provide artists as much as 70% from every sale of their works.

Be extremely careful when choosing an agency to trust. Some of them demand more than half of your royalties. It is best practice, therefore, to research as many companies as you can and evaluate all their terms to help you get the right partner. There are those that offer higher royalties if you agree to contribute to them exclusively.

It’s also important to choose one that has a global reach. Motion Elements’ website, for example, can be translated into Japanese, Korean, traditional Chinese, and Deutsch languages to support a wider consumer base such as the Asian and European markets.

Choose Your Subject Well

These days, a growing number of artists opt for an Asian theme since many of these destinations are still unknown to many. Asia is a colorful melting pot of cultural traditions. It’s the largest continent in the planet by land mass and population, and home to some of the world’s most scintillating underground rivers, breathtaking corals and mountain peaks, astounding rock formations, pristine beaches, lush forestry, and countless of stunning natural wonders. These videos are in demand to Western stock footage buyers.

When traveling, try to build a diverse visual catalogue that features not just destinations, but also the festivities and everyday culture of races you’ll meet – from the ancient gods and goddesses of India to the ultramodern six-star hotel in Dubai. Marvel in the prominence of Great Wall of China and be awed by the hidden vibrancies of mystic cities all captured in vivid visuals. Capture noteworthy events such as Pohela Boishak in Bangladesh, Shavuot in Israel, Vesak Day in Singapore, Nepal, and Malaysia, and Songkran in Thailand.

Unleash your Creativity

Experiment on different angles, learn more about the best lighting techniques, and take a different approach when recording a seemingly ordinary shot. A lot of artists who make a living selling videos are already pros in this fast-growing industry and most of the agencies that buy these footages have high standards in accepting videos. If yours looks like an amateur’s shot, don’t expect any of these firms to take you seriously.

Stock footage agencies like Motion Elements encourage artists to submit their footages at a premium. But remember, you don’t have to be an animator, videographer, or 3D model designer to create topnotch videos worth selling. If you’re keen on earning extra bucks through stock footages, the best time to start honing your craft is NOW.

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