Automakers introduce new car models almost every year to meet buyers’ growing demands

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and changing taste. Hyundai, for one, just announced an upgrade of its flagship model, the 2014 Equus.

Hyundai is among the famous manufacturers of high quality vehicles appealing to smart car buyers. And while many are now probably salivating for the new Equus, some may be thinking of buying the older model, the 2013 Hyundai Equus, to save some bucks. And it’s not a bad move at all.

RaySkillman Auto Mall is a top dealership for new and used cars in Indiana, and they’ll be the first to tell you about why the 2013 Equus is a good buy. After all, the model was only released in 2012 and still bears state of the art features as its latest upgrade.

A Fresh Look

Hyundai’s engineers had set a new design standard for their entire line of vehicles. The 2013 Equus came out with a fresh look to wow every owner and onlooker.It features a powerful and distinctive front grille and modern HID lights with turn-signal indicators. The staggered-width 19-inch chrome wheels add up to the vehicle’s overall appeal.

Luxury Redefined

The 2013 Equus is out to pamper every passenger with its luxurious leather seats with driver’s circulation massage, cooling, heating, and humidity controls. The 8-inch LCD serves as the Driver Information System (DIS) and navigation interface. This large, easy-to-read display screenaids in simpler and smoother navigation. Its 608-watt Lexicon® 7.1 Discrete Surround Sound Audio System with standard speakers offers pure entertainment and optimum sound quality.

Maximum Safety

Safety is always a necessity. This large sedan has nine airbags and reinforced unibody frame for maximum driver and passenger safety. This made it the International Institute for Highway Safety’s top pick for 2013.Hyundai developed the Smart Cruise Control to detect vehicles within a specific distance, providing better chances of avoiding collisions or accidents. Equus also features Anti-lock Braking System to prevent wheel lockup under braking, which causes loss of steering control. This is an added peace of mind for drivers.

A Couple of Options

The Korean automaker just introduced their new upgrade model for the Equus luxury sedan at the 2013 New York International Auto Show held last March 27. The new model comes with improved interior, exterior, chassis, and technology.Many of the core components of the 2013 model carry over, except the standard LED fog lights, updated side-view mirrors and taillights, and the all-new Night Shadow Brown exterior color. The new Equus will be available at RaySkillman Auto Mall later this year. The upgraded Equus is very cool ride, but the 2013 model is still the next best option for buyers wanting to save a few thousand bucks in their car purchase.Call 317.293.8060 or visit to find a 2013 Hyundai Equus for sale online.