You may have heard of restaurants receiving honors and praises for their excellent service but this one makes it to the top of the list.


Tumblr user “Casual Cynic,” who is also a waitress, posted a photo of a receipt that gave more than a smile to her mom’s face.

A mysterious customer recently gave Casual Cynic’s mother, who’s also a waitress, a $1,000 tip on a $60.42 meal, along with instructions on how to use the money.

Next to the tip and written with a pen, the generous customer wrote, “Your ticket to Italy. Enjoy!!”

Casual Cynic explained through her Tumblr blog that her mom had been chatting with the customer about how she always wanted to take a trip to Italy and get to know her ancestors who come from Florence.

Although there was a $0.42 error on the receipt, she was quick to update, saying, “We know about the 42 cents, lol… We have it covered.”