Do you love hanging out at Hookah lounges in Las Vegas? Become a shisha boss like Absolem, the blue caterpillar Alice met in Wonderland. Impress your friends on your next Hookah session with these cool tricks.

French Inhale

Take a drag of Hookah and keep it in your mouth. Move your bottom lip slightly farther than your top lip. Keep your bottom lip curled upward. Exhale a little while pushing smoke out of your lips. Use your tongue to let out some smoke. As it does, inhale a little through your nose to let some smoke back in.

When done right, this is a fascinating trick to impress the ladies. It might be a good idea to practice this trick at home first before you do it in a Las Vegas Hookah Lounge.

The Perfect Oohs

Some people call this classic trick as Blowing O’s or Smoke Rings. You will find some cigarette smokers doing this trick most of the time. You can also do it with a Hookah. Master this trick and you will look cool every time you go out for Hookah session.

Take a long drag of your favorite shisha flavor. Curl your lips to form an “O”. Slowly exhale from your mouth. As you do this, move your tongue and throat muscles to block the airflow. Smoke will come out in beautiful circular shapes.

Shotgun Kiss

This is the easiest trick out there. To do it, you need to find someone willing to share a drag with you. Take a draw from your Hookah and turn to your partner. Move closer as if you are going to kiss your partner. When you are just about an inch away, open your mouth and gently let the smoke out. Your partner then inhales the smoke. If you are fortunate, this could lead to an actual kiss.

There is never a dull shisha session. These tricks will make your night out more fun. Are you ready to do the hookah? Visit hookah lounges in Las Vegas and show off your awesome tricks.