There’s no better mix than clubbing and drinking. Sometimes, a dose of alcohol and the company of others are more than enough to unwind and forget about your troubles. They can give you a quick escape from worries and loosen your inhibitions, which sometimes hold you back from having fun. To make the night worthwhile, here are the things you should always remember.

Socialize Effectively

Most people go to clubs to socialize. If you’re one of those clubbers whose goal is to make friends with strangers, you need good social skills. To achieve this goal, you have to present yourself properly. You don’t need to have a fat wallet or jaw-dropping looks to please others. All you need is proper grooming and a nice personality.

Always think of a good opener to start a conversation. If you’re not good in initiating talks or coming up with interesting topics spontaneously, having some clean and funny pickup lines in mind can get you started. Know the pickup scripts by heart to deliver them naturally. Introducing yourself and asking someone for their opinion about something are classic styles to involve people in a conversation.

Avoid Bar Fights

Stay away from trouble as much as possible. Drinking alcoholic beverages can give you tons of courage and affect your sense of judgment. This is why drunken people tend to do things that they don’t normally do when they’re sober. Handle your alcohol well to stay in control of yourself.Always go out with friends. Going out in large numbers can be intimidating to others.

Never approach someone who’s there with a partner. Your gesture could spark some jealousy and put you in trouble.Always read the situation first before making your move.

Prevent Hangovers

If you’ve seen the hit movie franchise “The Hangover,” you’d know that having one is not a pleasant experience. A hangover is an experience you’d likely have after drinking too much. While everyone has a different alcohol tolerance level and not all get a hangover after binge drinking, there are natural hangover remedies you can take should it happen to you.

Drinking moderately is a good rule of thumb to keep your rational thinking and to avoid hangovers. Take natural supplements like Liver GARD to help your body break down toxins and keep your liver healthy. No matter how fun the party goes, keeping yourself safe and healthy is still the most important and happiest part of clubbing.