London is many people’s favourite city. There are top reasons even foreigners want to settle here. There’s always something to do, to see and be part of. Plus, who would resist hearing that distinct British accent that many consider as music to the ears? Vivo London, one of London’s premiere real estate agencies, reveals some of the best reasons you should try living in this beautiful city.

There‘s always a great place to escape

London has a list of places that ideally complements the hustle and bustle of the metro—greens. Hyde Park, Queens, Kensington, St. James, and Regents are just a few places that provide Londoners a great place to escape from the smog and the noise. You will still find a quiet haven in the middle of a modern city.

Real estate is premiere

It may not be cheap, but finding a property in East of London or other within a day is totally possible. Most landlords base their operations weekly, and this scheme makes it easier for those who only want to stay for a couple of weeks.

Art is everywhere

Who doesn’t want to live in a place surrounded with beauty and things that stir the senses? London is a city of art. Just look at the architecture of the Houses of Parliament and you will see why. To make it clearer, head to The National Gallery and stand in awe at the national collection of Western European art from the 13th to the 19th centuries.Not yet convinced? Eighty four per cent of Londoners believe that the city’s cultural scene is important in ensuring the quality of life.

Transportation is unique

Transport in the city may be expensive, but you can do away with it by boarding a train at the London Underground. Being one of the best in the world, this transport system that boasts of its longstanding heritage has 270 stations, has 250 miles of track, and serves millions of passengers daily.

Experiencing everything London has to offer is possible if you live here. Contact an estate agent today to find the perfect flat in the heart of the city.