Nothing helps ease stress and make a day enjoyable like a good round at a Mill Pond golf course. Golf is a sport enjoyed by both sexes and all ages. It provides great exercise involving physical skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. With many things to be gained from the game, it enhances confidence, leadership, responsibility, and courage. Take the following advice into account in planning for your next golf travel destination.

Packing and Traveling With Your Golf Bag

Clubs are heavy and make traveling exhausting. Avoid this by preparing beforehand. Clean out each golf bag pocket and discard old gloves, golf balls, or other old, unused items. Pack a dozen of your favourite balls, a new pair of gloves, a small bag of tees, sunscreen, markers, repair tools and extra spikes. It’s recommended that you bring only soft-spike shoes because metal spikes are no longer allowed at most courses.

If you do travel with your own clubs, choose a good sturdy golf flight bag. Many golfers check in their golf bags without a durable flight bag cover resulting in broken or missing clubs. With all your equipment packed, it’s time to search for a good Mill Pond country club with a golf course.

Choosing a Golf Destination

Golf fees can increase the cost of your trip. Save up by choosing all-inclusive golf courses that offer stay-and-play packages. Search online for world-class Mill Pond golf courses that are in a country club setting, yet don’t require pricy membership. A country club golf course is also a good choice for those with non-playing group members who would like to enjoy activities other than golf. These locations let you relax at the spa, exercise at the gym, and play unlimited golf, or at least a certain number of rounds, at package price.