A logo speaks louder than words. It is a graphic representation that gives consumers an impression of your business. It sets you apart from your competitors, while providing a unique selling point. It shows what your business is as a whole, so it has to symbolize everything you offer. Creating a logo, however, is among the most challenging task when starting. It needs to be creative, but reasonable enough to avoid misunderstanding.

How can you achieve all of these? Read these tips from the leading media providers.

Simple A simple business logo is easy to identify, as people can comprehend its elements immediately. They do not have to think deeply just to get the message. It makes the business memorable because people associate it with a certain brand. For example, the most popular brand with the letter M is McDonalds.

Elements Determine the elements of your logo. Do you want different shapes and colors or an artistic font design? Remember that a color scheme can describe emotions, so be careful with its design. Start with a black and white design then start adding elements to know which one suits it best.

Appropriate The design should be appropriate to the business’ products and services. A script-type font is ideal for high-end restaurants, clothing lines, and professional businesses. A colorful logo, on the other hand, can grab the attention of children.

Timeless How can people remember your business if you keep on changing the logo? This makes your brand identity weak because consumers can’t keep up with the changes. An effective logo should last for many years. It keeps the old consumer’s interest, while inviting more people to buy products and services.

Flexible  The logo should be versatile to work on different kinds of medium. The quality must be the same when used on products, social media accounts, official papers, and website. Change the file type into a vector format, so it can be scaled to any size. It should also be applicable to horizontal and vertical formats.

Show your consumers what you’ve got by presenting a remarkable logo. Look for a brand bible book for more information.