The world is a big TV consumer. Everyone raves about their favorite series and reality shows. But between the gaps of your favorite show lies one powerful media tool—advertising. TV advertisements may be something that interrupts the building momentum of the show you’re watching, but these spots can also be something entertaining. Some advertisements even become iconic and unforgettable. Maybe you’re wondering what goes into the production of such. The following is a brief peek into the process to help you realize that advertising is more than just copies and stock video clips.

The Creative Brief

The creative brief is the blueprint of every TV commercial or other forms of advertising. It is what guides the people involved in all stages of production. Included in the brief are the ad’s big idea, breakdown of the target audience, and other specifications that need thorough review and approval before being given the green light. Pre-production commences the moment creative-slash-production teams get the go signal from a particular brand’s management.

The Pre-Production Phase

This phase refers to activities done before principal production starts. This often includes location scouting, props and wardrobe identification, sourcing royalty free video clips for contingency, construction of the set, script reviews, and finalization of schedules.

The Production Phase

This is part of the process involving principal photography for the ad itself. This is what everyone thinks of when talking about filming. In big projects, the start of this phase signifies the “point of no return.” This means that it’s no longer practical to cancel the project, as it’s almost always less expensive to finish the project rather than dealing with financial difficulties of cancellation.

The Post-Production Phase

This is the final part of the production process where editors put together and make final touches to the footage or insert stock video footage if something’s lacking. The editors also correct the color and exposure of the whole commercial and add some special effects, if necessary.

TV commercials are a powerful way to convey marketing messages about a certain brand. Producing a TV commercial is not as simple as most people think it is. There is so much that goes into the process, despite the fact that most spots run less than a minute.