Homesickness may hinder your work. You find yourself in tears and feel lonelier every time you think of your parents back home. Escape this loneliness and look for a reliable migration agent to arrange a visa for your parents. This visa allows your aged parents to stay with you permanently.

Continue reading to know more about parent visa application.

About this visa

If you’re an eligible Australian citizen who lawfully resides in Australia for at least two years, your parents are ideal for this visa application. Your parents may apply for this visa if they meet the Balance of Family Test and you or your other siblings can sponsor their living.

Balance of family test

This is an integral part, which your parents must pass. The main purpose of this test is to determine how broad your relations are to your parents compared to your other siblings in other countries, if you have any. Your parents are more likely to pass the Balance of Family Test if at least half of your siblings or more than half of your siblings are living in Australia than in any other country.

Contributory visas

This means your parents may apply for a visa while visiting Australia and they can stay as long as their current visa lasts. If, however, the visa runs out before a Contributory visa is granted, they will have to leave the country. Your parents may have to wait for many 10 – 12 years before they receive a visa if they applied for a non-contributory visa. This is because the government restricts the number visas issued each program year. People who apply and meet the given standards are placed in a global queue to manage demands fairly.

You can choose to apply for a contributory visa for your parents to avoid long waiting periods. As opposed to normal rates in a regular parent visa, Contributory visas are a bit pricier because of the Assurance of Support Bond and other charges.

Legal obligations

You and your parents must conform to all Australian laws as permanent residents. You should continue providing support, accommodation, and financial assistance for your parents, especially if it’s their first two years. Let go of homesickness. You can now live with your parents and escape loneliness. Start applying for their visas and get ready for their immigration to Australia.