Designing a living room can be fun and exciting. It gives you an opportunity to bring out your creativity and showcase your artistic skills. If you have kids at home, however, it can turn into a big challenge, as you need to make sure every element in the room is safe for your little ones.

There are a number of ways to ensure your living area is a space both you and your children can enjoy. Without compromising aesthetics and space, you can design a living room that incorporates child friendly elements, while retaining sophisticated style and function.

The Main Concern

Safety is the number concern when designing a child-friendly living room. From furniture to home decorations and accessories, you need to make sure the house items you buy from stores like DirectBuy of Sarasota are safe for your kids. Make sure potential hazards such as electrical outlets, cords, and smaller objects that can be swallowed are far from children’s reach. Buy child resistant plastic plates available at many home improvement stores to cover outlets. Tie up cords with a hook to keep them out of the way.

Out of Reach

Make sure any breakable items are not within reach of children. While small items may prevent choking hazards, larger items can easily injure or crush a child if pulled down from a table or shelf. When buying lighting fixtures at stores like Sarasota Direct Buy, choose wall-mounted lamps than table lamps, as kids can’t reach and pull them over. Consider installing ceiling or wall lighting wherever possible.

Covered Edges

Make sure your tables, chair edges, and furniture edges have coverings on every corner. Sharp corners can pose risks to kids especially when they are playing in the living room area. When they accidentally bang their heads, you won’t know what’s going to happen next.

Fun Elements

Display your children’s favorite toys in your living room area, but in a designated place. An easy idea for toy storage is to purchase or repurpose a stylish trunk for toys. Teach children to place their items in the trunk after playtime. You may also want to include your children’s books in your living room shelves. If your children play video games, keep consoles off the floor and in your entertainment center. Bundle the cords to prevent tripping hazards and unsightly clutter.

When designing a child-friendly living room, always consider safety before style. By buying kid-friendly furniture and appliances, you can design a living space that you and your children can both enjoy. To learn more about designing a child-friendly room, click here.