Chief Palestinian negotiator, Saed Erekat sent a letter to the US Secretary of State, John Kerry complaining that Israel’s latest announcements about settlement indicated its ‘bad faith and lack of seriousness’ in the peace talks. Despite the letter, the US will press ahead with the second round of talks next week, said the State Department.

Israel Settlements

The Israel settlements, since long have been a debatable issue between the two sides. The Palestinians are eager to set up a state in West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, but these are the areas Israel had captured in 1967. In light of this, one of the main issues to be discussed in the peace talks is drawing the borders with this kind of a state.

Israel has already moved ahead with settlement plans in the war-won regions, although it still needs a final approval for construction to start. Erekat in turn, has urged the US to ensure that Israel is not allowed to continue with these plans.