A federal judge ruled on Monday that the country’s biggest police department illicitly and methodically picked out several Hispanics and blacks under the controversial stop-and-frisk system. To curb this, the court has now appointed an autonomous monitor to bring in some major changes such as body cameras on a few officers.

PolicePolice Feel Rebuked

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said that he plans to petition the verdict which he said was a rebuke to the NY police department that used the policy to save plenty of lives and fight crimes which had reduced the city’s crime rates to historically low levels.

However, US District Judge Shira Scheindlin said in her ruling that in their eagerness to make the policy effective, the police have as good as ignored the fact that targeting the ‘right people’ was leading to racial discrimination. Scheindlin added that her intention was not to prevent the NYPD from carrying out the checks, but rather introducing certain reforms to prevent racial discrimination.