Sometimes, we spend too much time on the overall aesthetics of the website that we forget to put attention to the small details. Typography is one example of these minor details. The choice of fonts, colours, and spaces are one of the most overlooked factors on websites. Even if you focus on creating a well-designed page with great navigation, the results will be disappointing because of poor typography.

Before you start on your website design, here’s some quick about proper website typography.

Choose simple yet appealing fonts

First time website designers usually make mistakes regarding font usage. They often choose overly decorative fonts, without knowing that they won’t look good on their website. These may look good on certain pages, but they’re most likely to annoy users, as they are difficult to read. Stick with plain yet appealing fonts. Myriad Pro, for instance, is one simple yet attractive font and is currently used by Apple for their products.


You may want to go with different shades of fonts for each page, but this won’t work all the time. Fonts should be easy to read and easy on the eyes, so you should carefully choose the colours. You can never go wrong with black or white. These colours are easy to read and compatible with all kinds of web templates.

Maximise the white spaces

Even if you choose the fonts and colours carefully, crowding your page with texts can still make users disappointed. Maximise the use of blank spaces and give your body text a room to breathe. Say little but say it well. Effective website design is not just about knowing what to put on the page; it’s also about knowing what to leave out.

Know when to increase and decrease

Create a strong hierarchy of fonts within each page. If you keep putting texts with the same size, your page will look dull. Know when to increase and decrease font sizes. The text on your main headings should be bigger than the product descriptions to ensure you’re creating the right impact.

From choosing the right font to knowing the appropriate size, your typography should flow seamlessly for a worthwhile user experience. Improve your website and seek assistance from professionals offering web design in Brisbane for the best results.