Detoxification, in relation to diet and weight loss, is a catchphrase many fad diet programs use to promote their methods. They offer customers their powdered or tablet supplements to help get rid of toxins and other harmful substances from your body.

You should be careful about believing these marketing ads or messages, though. Some of the dietary supplements on the market today provide uncertain results, especially if they lack certification. This makes it important that you look for a seal of approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration or the Food Standards Australia. This way, you’ll be sure that the supplement you’re taking is safe and effective for your health needs.

Many nutritional supplements are available on the market today, claiming to help detoxify your body and make weight loss easier. Discuss with your doctor or nutritionist whether the following supplements can really work for your weight management goals:


One of the most well-known supplements in the Australian market, Isagenix can be a useful add-on to your diet program. Isagenix International is conducting studies to prove that it can promote better health. Many users and supporters of this supplement also say that it helps cleanse their digestive tract from toxins and other substances. Confirm with your doctor about these claims and see if it’s safe for you to take while on a weight control program.


Providing multivitamins for better health, Trivita claims to aid the detoxification process with its nopalea juice product. The product contains betalains and bioflavonoids, which help reduce swelling and irritation, and promote faster healing of wounds and other types of injuries. Determine if TriVita can indeed benefit you, before you purchase it.

Optinum Nutrition Fish Oil

Fish oil offers many benefits, including as a source of essential omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce inflammation and blood pressure, among other conditions. Check out whether this supplement from Optinum Nutrition can help you with your health goals.

Trusting the claims of nutritional supplement providers immediately can harm your health. Make sure there are advanced studies conducted on the safety of supplements. Verify with your doctor about the effectiveness of dietary supplements such as Isagenix in Australia. This can help you determine which nutritional enhancement can help you achieve your weight loss and health objectives.