Buying Used TrucksVehicle auctions offer buyers the chance to choose from different types of used trucks. If you’re searching for a used truck for sale in Brisbane, you may want to try these auctions first. Truck auctions are ideal for those who wish to get quality trucks without spending a lot of money.

The used trucks that are up for auction are usually in good condition, after passing the required maintenance checks. There’s no need to worry whether they’re in working order or not as these vehicles get the necessary repairs before the auction. If you want to be sure, here are the things that you may want to check in a used truck:

Physical damages

Even if the owner is open about the car’s repair history, remember to check for any signs of damage. A few dents and dings may be normal, but damages that appear to be the result of a major accident should be a cause for concern. Car accidents sometimes result in unnoticeable damage that can shorten the lifespan of a vehicle. Steer clear of any future problems and perform a thorough inspection of the truck.


If possible, test-drive the truck. Be sure that the transmission shifts smoothly the entire time. A transmission in good condition enables the truck to haul heavy loads easier. If it feels bumpy when shifting gears, move on to another vehicle. Transmission work can be costly. Unless you’re up to the task of shouldering the cost, avoid a truck with a problematic transmission.


An inspection of a used truck’s internal components is more important than checking the exteriors. A truck is practically useless if it isn’t in good mechanical condition. So lift the hood to and check for signs of poor maintenance. Look for duct tapes, missing caps, and exposed wires. These are proofs of neglect that can also be an indication of recurring problems. They could also mean the truck did not go through proper maintenance during its lifetime.

Additional details

Ask the seller for proof of tune-ups, oil changes, and other maintenance works. Regular maintenance guarantees the truck is in good running condition. They may appear to be minor but neglecting them can turn them into major problems in the long run.

Bidding in auto auctions is a good way to save money in purchasing a used truck. This is especially true if you don’t require any of the fancy features in most new trucks today. Before looking for a light truck for sale in Perth, visit a car auction to find more options and save your budget.