online reputation managementMarketing is a crucial business function. Along with the more traditional avenues consisting of commercials on television and radio, and ads in print media, digital channels are fast becoming the medium of choice for enterprises across the globe. There’s no denying the results produced, and more are cashing in on it.

Digital marketing is on track to overtake traditional platforms, if it hasn’t already. Although this is the case, many still make the big mistake of thinking that one aspect of the trade is enough. The vast majority think search engine optimization – the goal of which is to rank on the first page of search engine results – is all there really is to it, undermining the importance of other internet marketing strategies. Sure, there are those who recognize the significance of pay per click (paid search), PR, and social media, but only few know about proper integration of the different marketing mediums that produce truly outstanding results.

As a marketer, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the market you’re targeting. You cannot overlook identifying such groups because it’s the first step to devising your promotional strategies. It’s only after having done so that you can start formulating how you’re to go about integrating tactics on paid, earned, and owned media channels. Here’s a quick look at the approaches to digital marketing, and a few tips on how to incorporate aspects of each to boost online visibility and solidify your reputation as a leader in your niche or industry.

Owned Media

The mediums you own and control are the primary platforms for success. These include everything from your website to the blog you maintain and your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and all else. Given that these are components directly affiliated with and managed by your brand, it should be the first you optimize for search.

Optimizing these mediums allows your brand to establish and nurture long-term relationships with current and potential customers or partnerships with existing and possible business associates. Moreover, these will serve as a foundation for your engagement in earned media later on. Owned media act as the launching pad and vehicle for all further digital marketing efforts.

Paid Media

Once you start paying for or subscribing to a service that contributes towards your marketing goals, these channels become ‘paid mediums’ associated with your brand. Some of the best examples of these include PPC and display ads, sponsorship opportunities, and robust online reputation management services that make a difference.

Those unfamiliar with the different strategies involved in digital marketing often overlook these tools and services because of the wide belief that organic SEO trumps all else. While it’s true that the latter will take you further, supplementing it with paid media also helps. Think of it this way; with paid mediums, you get instant results, appear on the first page of search results, and still have full control of the effort. Response rates are on the rise, and leveraging such methods is in the best interest of your brand.

Earned Media

Things turn around when your customers become the channel for your marketing efforts – the phenomenon that is earned media. Nothing proves more effective in driving sales than customer approval. Despite the different methods discussed earlier, Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing through satisfied and happy customers is something you should always aim for.

Other than delivering products and solutions that truly work, you can do this by building a buzz around your brand. This is possible through the creation and distribution of compelling and valuable content that can go viral. Again, to achieve this goal, it’s important to reiterate that you need to be present on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Allowing customers to listen and respond establishes credibility and transparency – something that customers are always looking for.

Integrating owned, paid, and earned media into your digital marketing efforts will produce results that drive your brand forward. Achieve these objectives by learning more about the ins and outs of digital marketing, or through a partnership with a reliable online solutions provider that will assist you with the intricacies of the process.