buying used cars for teenHigh school students across the country have their own vehicles as a rite of passage. Whether it’s new or used, this makes their student life a lot easier. They can leave the house in their own time and don’t have to ride public transportation or have you drop them off to school or other events. This allows them to bring school materials, such as laptops and bulky books, without the risk of damage. Many parents are also in favor of used vehicles for sale because it’s a cost-effective way to let their teenagers drive.

Here are some vehicle models that are suitable for high schoolers in case you are planning to get one for yours:

Honda Civic

This seats up to four people, which is ideal when traveling in small groups. It’s easy to handle because of its smooth steering wheel and less complicated design. It’s also economical, as it doesn’t consume a significant amount of fuel when driving. It can get up to 40 mpg and has an 11% chance of rollover.

Honda CR-V

This is among the most popular vehicle models on the market. Adults and teenagers alike prefer this because of its standard stability control, allowing them to regain control of the steering wheel. This is ideal when the vehicle is about to turn over due to impact.

Ford Crown Victoria

This vehicle is among the most popular model types in the U.S. It has side airbags to keep the front seat safe against impact. Its protective features keep everyone safe when driving, resulting in fewer injuries when involved in an accident.

Nissan Sentra

Many consumers prefer this vehicle because of its durability and reliability. It’s a mid-sized sedan, which is beneficial for everyday travel. It runs at 25 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. Similar to the Ford Crown Victoria, it also has the best safety features for protection in case of accidents. Owning a vehicle is definitely beneficial for students who live a busy school life. Look for a reliable dealer for the vehicle of your choice.