cosmetic dentistryHollywood actors and actresses flash their dazzling smiles whenever the camera calls for it. They have no fear showing their choppers because they’re almost always blindingly, heartbreakingly, white. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, these stars are not all born with perfectly aligned, sparkling white teeth. Here are some cosmetic dental procedures that may boost your confidence and help you achieve a flawless smile.

Teeth Whitening

Even if teeth are properly aligned, it still somehow doesn’t look as complete without that pearly white hue. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who has yellow teeth are unhygienic. Some people are just born with yellowish teeth enamel. It’s in their genes. Teeth stains caused by coffee, cigarettes, cola, medications, and other food substances, however, can easily be removed, or at least lessened, by teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening or bleaching, is a common dental procedure done in a dentist’s clinic. After the procedure, the dentist will usually advise the patient to avoid colored food for the next 48 hours.


Teeth that are white but misaligned are also not that pleasing to look at. In fact, teeth alignment is even more important than having white teeth because alignment entails functionality and not just esthetics. A person’s entire jaw can be affected and even the gums.

A common dilemma facing most patients is they think braces are only for teenagers. Adults would seem reluctant to get braces because they usually think they don’t look professional. The good news is a new type of almost invisible braces called Invisalign is now available. You can ask your cosmetic dentist about it and see the results yourself.


If you don’t have time for corrective braces, or if you’re not content on the natural shade of your teeth, you can go for dental veneers instead. They’re a bit pricier, but the results are quick and phenomenal. Dental veneers work by attaching a natural-looking shell on your teeth. This thin substance won’t stain, and may last up to 15 years. You may even choose which shade of veneer you want to get. That means the whiteness of your teeth, is all up to you.

With all these innovations in modern dentistry, there’s no reason to suffer because of stained or crooked teeth. Dental services are readily available in practically every corner. It’s no wonder almost everyone have picture-perfect smiles these days.