adding value on your contentFull-time bloggers constantly look for ways to add value to their posts. According to the Content Marketing Institute, content is king and videos rule. With the overwhelming success and popularity of video-based sharing site like YouTube, video is the current king of online content. Do you need to make a short video tutorial, record your gaming action, or capture web-based activity for your blog? CamStudio software is a popular open-source software that offers screen-capture video recording.


This software is one of the most recognized screen-capture recording applications, with plenty of functionality. You can download the CamStudio platform for free and experience its strength in recording online videos. Depending on your video recording project, you can record the entire screen or only a particular region of your computer screen.

Through the Screen and Video Annotations Feature, you get another outlet for expression and plenty of room to play with. You can choose between recording video with voice-overs or text annotations. For screen-capture recordings of PowerPoint presentations, you can record voice-over narrations and use it as background audio.

Free CamStudio software downloads, which are available online, can record 1280 x 720 HD quality video. The video output files are in Shockwave Flash (SWF) and Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) formats. You can also edit the transparency of the window, pixel depth, resolution, and the compression of the digital image format.

Other useful features include a range of cursor options and an auto pan feature. Having a selection of mouse cursors available is important when creating tutorials or presentations. It lets viewers get a glimpse of what buttons you are pressing or functions you are using.

CamStudio is an intuitive software for all kinds of users who need a professional screen recorder capturing all video and audio activity on their PC. It is an open source software, so you’ll be able to download CamStudio for free. This application is useful for home-made films, especially tutorials, with plenty of options for customization. You can preset the recording time, set which regions of your screen to record, watermark your video, and more.