nkoreaThe case of an 85 year old US war veteran is just one among the hundreds more, who despite stiff warnings from the US State Department, travel to North Korea every year only to be detained by the communist nation. For many the trip is made as a part of humanitarian efforts or to find the whereabouts of long lost relatives. To some, like is the case with the 85 year old war vet, the journey to NKorea is to satiate an urge to see a closed society that is shrouded in mystery.

All a Misunderstanding

Jeffery Newman, the son of Merrill Newman who was detained after boarding an airplane to head back home at the end of a nine-day trip last month remarked that it was all a misunderstanding that was leading to such detainment incidents.

In response to such cases, the US Special Representative to North Korea Glyn Davis said that the US officials were working with their Swedish counterparts ‘to resolve the issue’ at the earliest.