obamacareMany democrats gunning for re-election in Louisiana, Arkansas and other Republican leaning states have enough problems to contend with prior to president Obama’s popularity went up in November. However, they are now distancing themselves albeit awkwardly from him one year prior to the election in a bit to get the right balance of independence and outright disloyalty.

Popular President

It is a known fact that a popular president can help the candidates of his party to win seats in congress and even the governorship of their respective states during the mid-term elections.  However, a lot of democrats are increasingly worried that the effect may be the reverse like what happened during the 2010 midterm exercise. A lot of Republicans are still hammering home the same issue that led them to win seats in 2010: the healthcare debacle called Obamacare.  They have been quite successful for making life hard for senate democrats in states where Obama did not carry.