Image by Netflix | Wikimedia

Netflix just took its on-demand video service to another level with the rollout of its 4K video feature.

Not for everyone just yet

Through Multichannel News, Netflix announced that it has finally launched the 4K streaming service and currently runs a few programs like nature documentaries.

The early birds that acquired 4K technology, however, may not be able to use the new feature just yet, as the site’s 4K videos are not readily available for earlier models of 4K televisions.

One of the reasons behind this is the lack of the apt decoder – H.265/HEVC – in older TVs, which is what the ultra-HD service requires.

Broadband issues

Another reason that Netflix pointed out for the unavailability of 4K to everyone is the relatively slower speed of broadband at the moment.

Netflix boss Reed Hastings told the BBC that for viewers to have a stable viewing of 4K content, the Internet connection should reach an average speed of 15.6 Mbps.

According to IHS broadband analyst Richard Broughton, the average speeds in the UK are at 7.6 Mbps.